Higher Education Funding Council for England


Students’ Green Fund built on the incredible sustainability work of students' unions across England, during a period of funding from 2013 - 15. Its legacy continues to grow.

We funded 25 projects across English students’ unions, putting students in the driving seat for sustainability engagement initiatives, and supporting them in their role as agents for change.

Ranging from energy reduction schemes in homes, to campus wide food growing projects, to student-led social enterprises – the diversity of the projects which emerged from the fund was one of its core strengths.

All had the four key themes of the fund in common:

  • student participation
  • partnership
  • impact
  • legacy.

As well as managing the £5 million fund, NUS added value by supporting students’ unions throughout the process, helping them to collaborate locally, and make the strongest impact possible.

This led to

  • Over 120,000 students engaged
  • Over 5,000 in-depth volunteers working on sustainability
  • Nearly 200 student-led projects funded
  • Nearly 2,000 audits of homes and organisations
  • 4,600 tonnes of carbon (and equivalent) saved

You can read more about the achievements of the projects fund in our full report on the fund as well as a report from our independent evaluator.