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Green Dragons

Green Dragons is the first bottom-up sustainability project that supports City students and staff to bring their sustainability idea to life.

Offering environmental and communication experts, project funds, rooms, contacts, Green Dragons has everything students need to turn an idea into a reality. Students pitch an idea, collect their pledges and complete tasks and the funding is theirs.  

In its first year alone, we saw 10 Green Dragons Leaders kickstarting their projects, engaging more than 3.000 City students and staff. Our leaders feel more empowered, environmentally aware and  more employable. Early in its second year, the project joined with the environment team to create a Sustainability Leaders programme, bringing all student sustainability projects together, meaning Green Dragons is now open to all staff and academics with a sustainability idea or business plan.

Green Dragons were finalists in the Green Gown Awards 2014 under the student engagement category, received the best poster award at the annual conference on Education for Sustainable Development and was presented as an innovative sustainability model at the World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities 2014. 

It's proven itself to be a valuable model for giving students the support they need to drive their ideas, resulting in a huge array of innovations and positive impacts.




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