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Cycling 4 All

University of Bradford Students' Union is promoting health and wellbeing among disabled students by increasing provisions for sporting participation, while developing sustainable modes of transport.

For the past two years, the union has been successfully running Cycling 4 All – the university’s first ever disabled sports club, growing rapidly from engaging with 1 student to 20.

Students’ Green Fund allows University of Bradford Students’ Union to roll out Cycling 4 All to other institutions, as well as to expanding the programme –  leading to greater social inclusion for disabled students, and a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Working in partnership with a huge range of charities and sporting bodies, Sports 4 All are developing a fleet of electric assist and adaptive bicycles for use by physically disabled students, promoting independence providing an ecological method of commuting to and from campus. The project will be celebrated through a series of disabled sports days, linking other higher education institutions with the benefits of Cycling 4 All.

Engaging over 90% of the student body of the University of Bradford as well as reaching disabled members of the wider community, Cycling 4 All makes a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle possible for physically disabled students, as well as providing a code of best practice for other institutions to emulate.

University of Bradford Students’ Union