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Bright 'n Green

Univeristy of Brighton Students' Union are using Students’ Green Fund to develop four separate areas of sustainability work, relating to transport, accommodation, employability work and the students’ union itself. Taken together, the four projects empower all students to become agents for positive change, and put them at the heart of sustainability.

GreenSkills ensures that graduates from the University of Brighton leave the institution with the experience, skills and inclination to embed sustainability into the workplace. Ten green internships with local businesses will be established, as well as far more opportunities to support student led ventures and co-operatives.

Brighton encounters difficulty in creating sustainable accommodation, owing to poor housing stock and a small number of university owned halls of residence. LivingGreen will address this problem – with 300 environmental audits of private accommodation being used as the springboard to work towards models of sustainability across all accommodation.

With the campuses of Brighton spread out disparately, transport is a key area of focus for Bright 'n Green. GoGreen will form a bike co-operative led by committed students, as well as working with local sustainable transport providers to provide deals for students, while rewarding those who participate.

All of this will be complimented by strong communications and leadership from the students’ union – identifying and supporting a network of students to champion the change delivered by the projects. Engaging over 3000 students and 200 landlords, Bright 'n Green addresses a number of local sustainability problems within Brighton, and makes meaningful, student-led change in the areas of transport, employability and accommodation.

University of Brighton Students' Union