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Greener Minds

Spread across a number of HE and FE sites throughout Cumbria, north Lancashire and London, the project championed by the University of Cumbria Students’ Union will educate students about sustainable living, and the positive impact which they can have on the environment.

Based around the themes of waste and energy, biodiversity and wildlife, and food, this project will roll out NUS projects Student Eats, Student Switch Off and Green Impact to heighten the influence of the green agenda across the student body, building on the recent efforts of the Environmental and Ethical Volunteer Officer.

From encouraging staff and students to think about the amount of waste which they send to landfill, to considering the origins of the food which they consume – this project will be complimented by an online sustainability module which will reach 100% of staff, and 500 students.

Through Students’ Green Fund, graduates of the University of Cumbria will become ambassadors of sustainable living, influencing others in their workplaces to create a greener future.

University of Cumbria Students’ Union