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Leeds Green Exchange

Leeds University Union are using Students’ Green Fund to encourage mass participation in ethical and environmental issues across campus, normalising green behaviours, and embedding sustainability into everything the union does.

The Student Funding Exchange is a vehicle for students to develop entrepreneurial skills, and generate innovative ideas. Using a successful model for funding employed by the union’s clubs and societies, the fund will support student-led projects which seek to engage unreached students in sustainability.

Leeds Green Exchange expands existing community projects on and around campus, creating widespread student participation in greener behaviour. For instance, Leeds Green Exchange sees the creation of a further roof garden alongside the expansion of existing growing sites, as well as going into halls of residence to develop positive habits within energy use, travel, volunteering and purchasing habits.

After demonstrating a progressive commitment to sustainability by being the first students’ union to ban bottled water, the Leeds Green Exchange is perfectly placed to deliver transformational and lasting sustainability work across the areas of community, education and entrepreneurship.

Leeds University Union