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£64,000 for sustainability at University of Exeter Students' Guild

Tuesday 25-08-2015 - 14:58

As the period of original funding for our Students’ Green Fund comes to a close, we’re excited to see more and more projects getting financial support from their parent institutions. Students Green Unit at the University of Exeter Students’ Guild is the latest.

Over the last two years, Students’ Green Unit has been turning students’ sustainability ideas into impactful projects at the University of Exeter.

From taking action on overfishing, to tackling food waste in halls, to shaping innovative water saving programmes, the dynamism of students has been incredible, and has made a huge difference across the campus and community.

We’re really excited to tell you that the University of Exeter Students’ Guild have been given £64,000 by the university to continue their sustainability activity through Students’ Green Unit.

“This £64,000 will allow us to continue for two years concentrating on more student projects”, said Norrie Blackeby, head of Students’ Green Unit, “and also to integrate the Ethics & Environmental Officer with our activities”.

“This creates opportunities for students, staff and academics to work with each other on the pressing sustainability issues of the day.”

The university was impressed by the high brand recall of Students’ Green Unit among the student body, and were keen to have the project continue to engage students so successfully.

Over the last two years, Students’ Green Unit has been keeping their institution informed about their progress, and building relationships with key stakeholders. This £64,000 shows what can happen when we demonstrate the value of sustainability work to our institutions. They want it to continue.

“Of course, there is still work to be done with the institution”, Norrie says “but our project and our ISCN award greatly contributed to a positive attitude towards sustainability from the university”.

With £64,000 of new funding, Students’ Green Unit will be able to create even more value from student-led sustainability. We can’t wait to see where the project is in another two years.



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